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GE 9FA Gas Turbine

General Electric Gas turbine Model 9FA+e. Power Output 260 MW. Works with Natural Gas or Diesel.
Less than 50.000 hours of use and in perfect working condition.
Period for receiving direct offers is open for limited time

Last Overhaul Available

Other equipment available

Steam turbine

General Electric. Model D-10A. Power Output 138 MW


General Electric. Model 390 H.
Connection: Star. Power 468 MW

Control System

Distributed Control System (BOP and HRSG) ABB Harmony INFI 90. Power Train Control: GE Speedtronic MARK VI, Ex 2000, LCI2000

Period for receiving offers is open now!

400MW powertrain

Plant secured and in conservation

All preparation work has been done to put the powertrain in safety and to maintain the equipment for its correct conservation.

Decomission and removal

Surus will support the interests parties in the removal and logistics activities advising the best alternatives and subcontractors in case needed.

The 400MW powertrain belongs to a Power Plant that works on a Single Shaft configuration with a gas turbine and a steam turbine. Equipment in early stage of life cycle. Located in Tarragona.

Less than 50.000 running hours

Year of opening

Last connection

Administrative closure

Main elements

Most of the equipment are in an early stage of their life cycle.

Gas turbine module

Manufacturer: General Electric
Model: 9FA+e
Power Output: 260 MW

Gas turbine
Air Intake system
Combustion system
Exhaust system
Fuel Gas module
Liquid fuel module
Water injection unit
Compressor washing system
Gas turbine washing drainage tank
Gas turbine drain tank

Steam turbine module

Manufacturer: General Electric
Model: D-10A
Power Output: 138 MW

Steam turbine
HP reheat stop and control valves
Condenser vacuum pumps
Condensate pumps
Condenser piping cleaning system
Cooling water pumps and heat exchange
HP Feed water pumps
IP Feed water Pumps
LP Economizer recirculation pumps
Gland steam condenser
Drain expansion tank

Generator and auxiliaries

Manufacturer: General Electric
Model: 390 H
Connection: Star
Power: 468 MW

H2 cooling system

HRSG and auxiliaries
Hot Recovery Steam Generator
HP, IP and LP Drums
HRSG Intermittent Blowdown Flash Tank Plant view
HRSG Drains system
Atmospheric drain tank
Common systems: Specifically designed for this Powertrain

Lubricating and lifting oil system
Hydraulic oil system
Turning gear
Sampling and dosing system
Compressed air system
Fire fighting system
Control and protection system
Medium voltage, low voltage panels
Generator circuit breaker
Emergency diesel generator
Distributed Control System (BOP and HRSG): ABB Harmony INFI 90
Power Train Control: GE Speedtronic MARK VI, Ex 2000, LCI2000

Complete inventory of new spare parts available

Further information:

+34 913 524 507 – +34 638 028 143

Project Manager:

Jorge López –

Certifications and commitments


8 + 9 =

Camino de las Huertas 18. 28223 Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid.

+34 913 524 507 / +34 638 028 143